Silver Lining: Escaping on a freeeeeezing day

November 23, 2014

Escaping on a freeeeeezing day

Earlier this week, we had a fun adventure in which our heat decided to stop working, and the replacement part took a few days to arrive. As fun as it was to snuggle up under large fluffy blankets and do jumping jacks to keep ourselves from turning into epic ice statues a la Frozen, it was also really nice to have a warm house again. No more sending the baby girl to bed with three pairs of pajamas on, or turning on the oven for the sole purpose of sitting on the floor with the oven door wide open to feel the heat, which I may have done at 11:00pm one night when my bed was just too cold :)

When it's freezing outside, t's also really nice to reminisce about warmer, more adventurous days. You know, days when I still left the house ;) These pictures are from our last day in Saint George about a month ago. We did some Sunday walks in Snow Canyon National Park, and I swear it was like we were the only ones there. Just us and those gorgeous red cliffs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I swear I will never be able to get over the desert colors of southern Utah.

I tried to figure out the exact color of this amazing yellow, but all I could come up with was chartreuse mixed with neon yellow?? One of my artist friends, help me out here. 

this picture was originally posted when I talked about Hiking the Narrows, but this is the hike we actually took the picture on :)

Claire was such a little trooper on our trip. She'd just nap in the car whenever she could, and be awake and happy during all our hikes and adventures. 

Here's to working heat,
and gorgeous deserts,
and a three-day work week!


  1. I love the last picture of Claire! So cute

  2. As soon as I start seeing those red rocks I find myself unable to look at or think about much of anything else! It's gorgeous!


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