Silver Lining: How We Wore It: Fashion Collaboration

December 9, 2014

How We Wore It: Fashion Collaboration

Here's the thing. I'm not a fashion blogger. Once, I ran into a girl at the grocery store who said "you're that Silver Lining fashion girl!" I looked down at my leggings and my husband's sweater and patted my non-Pinterest-worthy messy bun, and I was like "HAHAHA you are such a sweetheart, but no. Just no." 

While that encounter did leave me feeling kind of like a celebrity (a random person at Smith's knows me!), I definitely don't count myself among the upper echelons of fashion bloggers. Or any echelons of fashion bloggers, for that matter! It is fun for me to document my everyday style though, so I put together a little fashion collaboration with some of my favorite lifestyle bloggers.

For this collaboration, we all started with the same image. The challenge was to recreate our unique take on the image with what we already had in our closets.

The starting outfit is from Suburban Faux-Pas. You'd think, since I chose the photo this round, that I would choose something that I could easily replicate. But nope! I remember looking at the picture after I emailed it out and thinking "I don't have anything remotely resembling this!" 

I loved the colors in her outfit, so I copied the navy, tan, and burgundy in my own outfit. I also tried the cuffed jeans and the ankle boots. 

Here are the other bloggers who joined me in this challenge. They're some of my favorite (and stylish) lifestyle bloggers. Check out their versions of the outfit!

Kaycie at Redhead Memories
Meghan at King and Ford
Krystle at Krystle, Darling
Sierra at Sierra's View
Alexa at He and I
Deidre at Deidre Emme
Danica at Danican Skywalker
Kyla at Fordology
Bri at Breezy Days

PS I'm thinking about doing this challenge again in a few months. Anyone want to join me next time? Leave a comment, or tweet me, and I'll add you to the list!


  1. You look stunning Brooke! I love how you changed the outfit but still kept the fall colors! You are gorgeous!

    PS I would love to participate in this challenge next time :)

  2. I love how you recreated the colors! Seriously, so darling.

    P.S. You look SO good!
    P.S.S. I'm in for next time too. This was way too much fun.

  3. Such a gorgeous interpretation! Thank you SO much for inviting me to participate. It was so fun. :)

  4. Love this. It looks so good and perfect from the inspiration pic - plus. That color is all YOU! You look awesome. Thank you for asking me to join in. I am in for the next one too :)

  5. Those colors look fantastic on you! I like this type of collaboration. Nice work!

  6. Love your version. The cuffed jeans and boots somehow makes your legs look longer while making mine look shorter?? WHYYYYY. You look great! Thanks for inviting me - I love your linkups!

  7. I want in! You are looking SO good.

  8. I love this! You look so good and those boots are adorable. I'm not a fashion blogger, but this would be super fun to do!

  9. love your booties. super cute! i would love to participate again if you want repeaters, it was a lot of fun!


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