Silver Lining: Rice Krispie Snowmen

December 11, 2014

Rice Krispie Snowmen

Today I wanted to share a super easy cute craft for the holidays. Perfect for a kids party, or to make at a school class party, or to decorate any holiday get-together! Honestly, it's so simple that I'll just let the picture do the talking :)

Extra points if you add pretzel arms! You really can use any candy for the eyes and buttons. I happened to have some candy pearls left over from a baby shower, so I used those, but you can use anything - m&ms, skittles, or even add food coloring to the left-over frosting and pipe it onto your snowmen! I've also seen different types of chocolate for the hat. One regular batch of Rice Krispies made five snowmen.

Happy Snowman Making!

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