Silver Lining: 8-bit Einstein

January 19, 2015

8-bit Einstein

In my city, there's a pretty big 8-bit Einstein painted on the side of a business. I'd seen pictures of it everywhere, but I could NOT figure out where it was. First I saw two different bloggers with pictures in front of it. Then I saw it on a Pinterest board titled 'Exterior Wall Art.' I even saw a glimpse of it in the corner of another picture once. So when I finally found the wall, I knew I had to take pictures in front of it! You know, to prove I found it. If you don't take a million pictures and cross-promote those pictures on all forms of social media, it didn't happen, as the old saying goes.

So there I was, making Jason take pictures of me in front of Einstein, and I got to thinking. What's a girl gotta do to get a huge 8-bit painting of her face?

I mean, I know stuff. I know lots of stuff. Stuff that totally puts me on equal footing with Einstein.

I mean, sure, Einstein may have discovered both the Special and General Theories of Relativity. But I discovered the 8-bit Einstein wall all by myself. Which means we're both breaking some new ground.

Einstein may have won a Nobel Prize. I can't compete with that. But I know what a hairbrush is. AND I use it daily. Einstein can't compete with that.

Einstein may have become a worldwide household name, and his work may have unlocked mysteries of the universe previously unknown to mankind. But I know the truth behind the common core (created by communists with the intent to turn all children into brain-sucking zombies). I know. I read an article about it once on Facebook.

See what I mean? I know stuff. I know lots of stuff. I know what happens in the fourth podcast of Serial, which I've started listening to at the gym. I know the bounce-bounce-rock method of calming down a fussy baby (I'm pretty sure I bounce-bounce-rocked my way through Claire's entire first month of existence). I also know the best places to get gas, Indian food, and flavored sodas around here (Maverik, Bombay House, and Sodalicious, respectively).

Yup. I know stuff. So sign me up for the next 8-bit mural! (How creepy would that be in real life though? A gigantic version of my face on the side of a building? Yikes.)

And the best news of all? I'll even tell you where it is! Tweet me or comment and I'll let you know! (I won't put it on here in case you're one of those weirdos like me who make it a matter of personal pride to find it themselves.)

PS see a cool slow-mo video of this wall HERE!


  1. How fun!!

    ((You're looking fantastic, by the way!!))

  2. that is way cool! I would love an 8 bit mural of my face in Utah somewhere LOL

  3. How cool! And that's awesome that you found it all by yourself!

  4. I feel the same way about Maverick, Bombay House, and Sodalicious! Man, I miss Provo!

  5. LOVE wall art like that. They are so cool. I really love Banksy. His work is ahhhhhh-may-zing.

    1. I've never seen any of Bansky's work, but I've heard about it, and it sounds amazing!


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