Silver Lining: all the unknowns // a gorgeous park day

March 9, 2015

all the unknowns // a gorgeous park day

Yesterday afternoon, the church meeting and afternoon nap schedules aligned, and it was too gorgeous to stay inside.

So we went to the park! No diaper bag or anything. Just us, a football, and a blanket. It was pretty much perfect. Sam and Jason threw the football. Claire crawled around on the grass, trying to sample dead leaves. I relaxed on the blanket, feeling the sun on my bare legs and unpainted toes.

And I had two thoughts.

The first one was I'm pretty sure this is what heaven will be like. 65 degrees, sunny, my family playing all around me. Add an ice cold lemonade, and it doesn't get much better.

The second thought was It's okay to have unknowns.

There are lots of unknowns in our immediate future, especially with the move to Arizona coming up. Moving trucks? Housing? Transportation? Teaching jobs? Daycare? Jason? Student loans? New wards? New schools? Scorpions?? Spontaneous combustion due to high heat??? (I made that one up.)

In the past few weeks, the time I've spent online trying to find answers has been ridiculous. I probably should delete the Zillow app from my phone, because I spend so much time on there, even though our move is too far away to be seriously trying to find a home. What I can't find on Zillow, I google. So. Much. Googling. How do teaching certificates transfer? Top-rated high schools in the area? On and on. And almost the only thing it was accomplishing was making me more stressed out. 

So right there on the blanket, I finally told myself that it's okay if things are unknown. I don't have to solve everything right this very second. It'll work out. Of course it'll work out! Have a little faith, why don't ya? I realize this isn't groundbreaking news, but it felt really good to feel relaxed and confident instead of stressed and scared.

I sat there, soaking in the moment for a long while.

Then I fished bits of a leaf out of Claire's mouth (constant vigilance, Brooke! constant vigilance!). And then we went to swing on the swings.

It was the best day I've had in a while.

What helps you relax and center?
Is anyone else enjoying gorgeous spring weather lately?

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