Silver Lining: In a major funk. Send help.

March 4, 2015

In a major funk. Send help.

The February Funk has arrived. Just in time for March.

The February Funk actually begins a few months earlier, during the holiday season. In November and December, things are crazy. You're here, you're there, you're everywhere. Christmas lights! Holiday parties! Shopping for presents! Traveling to be with family! Holiday performances! Crazy! Busy! Wonderful!

And then comes January. In some ways, January is one big sigh of relief. The holiday craziness is over. You get back to eating healthy and exercising. You have a regular schedule. It's so nice to be back on the normal routine, and your house seems three times bigger without garland and poinsettias on every flat surface.

And then comes the February Funk. Where everything is still normal. Too normal. There's nothing to look forward to. Every day is the same. You still have to eat healthy, you still have to exercise, you still have to stick to the tried and true schedule every day. Blah blah blah. Etc etc etc. And that's when the funk strikes. Apathy! Boredom! Trudging along day after day! All the great things on the horizon seem too far away to get excited about! Why I am using exclamation marks! I don't know!

The February Funk stayed away for almost the entire month of February. In fact, it was a really great month for me. The weather was fantastic! We took a mini vacation to Sun Valley with my family! Love day! Chocolate! Claire is cute! No funk in sight!

And then the end of February and the beginning of March arrived, and that's when the funk hit me.

I know what you're going to say. Try something new. Make a new recipe. Serve someone. Do a new craft. Go on a crazy date night. Go to the temple. And you're totally right. I should! I should do all those things. But somehow, the funk has seeped into my consciousness, and I have this incredible apathy towards everything. So I tried a new recipe. Yay. Blah. So I did a different workout today. Yay. Blah.

What's wrong with me? Am I going stir crazy? Am I one of those terribly unlikable high-maintenance people who requires something fun and exhilarating every few weeks or I get restless?


PS It isn't all bad around here. A few snapshots of the fun things we've been doing lately:

Swimming! She loved the sights and the sounds and watching all the other kids splash around. Then we put her in the water and she started screaming. Too cold! I like my water steaming hot! You know this!

Snow! Just when I thought the last of our snow days were gone for good. Snow-covered mountains are some of my absolute favorite sights.

Scriptures! These never fail to help put me in a better mood.

Send help! 
Am I alone in this?
What do I do? 
How do I get out of this funk??

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