Silver Lining: Favorite Readable Free Fonts

March 2, 2015

Favorite Readable Free Fonts

I didn't think I'd be one of those teachers who likes creative teacher fonts. What's the point, right? Kids will hate homework no matter what font it's in, right?

But I'm slowly coming around to the idea of cute fonts. I will never use a "cutesy" font if I'm typing an entire paragraph of size 12 type, but I love them for headings, larger print, and short letters home to students. And cute fonts don't end with teachers! They're great for any type of graphic design need you have, like creating fliers or handouts for church. If you're a blogger, they're also great for blog headers, text overlays on images, and sidebars!

And the best thing of all? All these fonts are free!

Here are the links to download each font:
Simon Script (the font I used for the title)

What are your favorite fonts? 
Which do you use most often?
I'm always on the search for more cute fonts!

This post was updated and adapted from this post that originally appeared on my blog October 2013.

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