April 29, 2015


The last Wednesday of each month is quickly becoming one of my favorite days to post. I started this whole series after doing a little link-up with Meg last year, and I've been totally loving it ever since.

If you're new here, How We Wore It is a series I do that highlights how lifestyle bloggers interpret an outfit from a fashion blogger. I love that these outfits are styled by real women with everyday style. Sometimes it's easy to celebrate the big fashion bloggers who own dozens of purses exclusively from Burberry and Prada. But what I love is seeing real fashion on real women! (Okay, fashion gurus are real women, too, but you know what I mean. The way the rest of us dress :)

So without further ado, here's this month's challenge. It came from one of my all-time favorites, and one of the biggies who does a great job of everyday style and brands: Amanda of Little Miss Fearless

And here's my take on the outfit! I had the best little green jacket to go with this, but I left it at home when I stopped to take these pics on the way home from something else. I really considered going back out on a different day to redo the shoot with the jacket, but whenever I thought about it, it was right before I had to leave for work, or my resident photographer wasn't home, or it was raining. See what I mean about real fashion for real people? Haha. So, here is jacket-free me!
 It was cooooooold. Definitely missing the jacket!

Be sure to check out everyone else participating this month!

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If you want to sign up for a future session, just fill out the form HERE. I have too many ladies signed up for May, so if you signed up but don't get an email from me next month, that's probably why, and I'm so sorry! But I still have lots of slots for June, July, and August open.

Isn't is great to see all these outfit interpretations?
I'm loving the bright, spring, floral feel!


  1. I love, love that top!!!! So pretty!!!

  2. Nice post! Love that top. I wish they would cut these tops with a lower hemline at the front though, I'm quite tall and find that really annoying! It's a beautiful print though. Jo x

  3. Thanks so much! I think it'll be perfect for the hot summer weather since it's so light. I'm hoping so, at least! :)

  4. I hear you about the too-short shirts! I'm 5' 7" and lots of shirts are too short for me. This one was actually great though, and was long enough in the front as well as the back. Score!

  5. i love floral pattern, your tee is great!!

  6. What a pretty top. I love the print and it is very flattering fit :-)

  7. Super cute! Can't wait to participate!!!!!

  8. I LOVE that top! And now I'm so intrigued about your green jacket.

  9. Thank you so much! I have a little thing for florals too :)

  10. That's what I loved most about this top I think - it's flattering, and lightweight for summer!

  11. Thanks so much Kaycie! I mean, the jacket wasn't groundbreaking or anything, but it hid my white winter arms a little, so that would have been a plus haha

  12. I'm obsessed with these "how we wore it" posts. :)


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