Silver Lining: the sweetest smiles (Claire is 9 months!)

April 1, 2015

the sweetest smiles (Claire is 9 months!)

I've become one of those parents who say whatever stage their baby is in is their favorite stage. Every single month, I say, "This is my favorite stage yet! But for real this time! I don't know how it could get any better!" Then the next month rolls around, and magically, "It got better! This is my favorite stage yet! But for real this time!"
^^This girl smiles all the way down to her pointed toes. I can't get enough.

At nine months, life with Claire is such a blast. The world is her playground. She crawls around, pulls herself up onto everything, and leaves a path of scattered toys in her wake. Her favorite things to play with are the things she's not supposed to touch ("Look, scissors! Look, a cord! Something with a screen! Mom's sharp-looking jewelry! A hot stovetop! Must touch it all!"). I spend my life trying to keep up with her, and I'm in awe of how many calories babies must burn every day. They never stop moving! Huge, full-body, large-muscle-group movements too.
 ^^We call this one blue steel.

The flirting levels are reaching an all-time high. Elderly women stop to fawn over her in the grocery store on the regular (happy babies are like celebrities. I'm not mad about it). She grins at anyone she can make eye contact with.

^^Headbands are so hard :)

Sundays are a gold mine because there are fun little friends to play with and people to giggle at. But oh my goodness, she is loud! So incredibly loud during a quiet church meeting. In fact, question: at what point do I take my baby out because she's too loud? Not because she's crying, but because she's so darn happy and wants to share it with the world! She laughs so loudly, and makes general conversation by shouting DADADADADA at whoever's sitting in the pew behind her. It turns a lot of heads, and I never know quite when to step into the hallway.

Happy nine months, Squishable! We sure love you!

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  1. And it just gets better...I don't even say "favorite" when talking about a stage anymore. JaiseAnn is just my favorite...all the time: ) I love these photos. Any suggestions for getting good shots of an on-the- move toddler who refuses to look at the camera? Seriously.

  2. Rhys flirts, too. Only, he does it only with girls and women!

  3. What an adorable and stylish baby! Love the headband.

  4. You may be sounding like a parrot with each stage being a favourite, but that isn't going to change any time soon because it just gets better and better. Haha!

    Another thing that doesn't change any time soon - flirting! Alexander is all about the flirting!

    Claire looks like one happy baby!
    Life’s Open Pages

  5. Thank you so much! Getting them to sit still is the hardest part of taking kids pictures!! Oh my goodness, it's tough since Claire became a busy crawler. My tip is to have a helper! In this shoot, Jason was right out of the frame, getting her to laugh and tickling her in between shots. It helps a lot of they have someone else to focus on. Also taking like 300 pictures so you can get one or two good ones :)

  6. Thanks so much Nikki! We sure like her :)

  7. Haha that's funny that he prefers the women! He already knows how to make the ladies laugh!

  8. Thanks so much Lou! We sure like her :)

  9. Right?! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy parent who thinks their child gets better and better. Little kids flirting is my favorite- I hope Claire is like Alexander and never stops! ;)


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