Silver Lining: diy stamped paper gift bags

May 12, 2015

diy stamped paper gift bags

Of all the languages of love, I am the worst at giving gifts. Gift giving is NOT one of my natural talents. Whenever I need to give a gift to someone, my mind goes totally blank. What should I get them? Something for their home? Something for their work? Do they need anything specific? What are their interests? Think, Brooke! You know their interests! Surely you can think of one interest your best friend has, and a thoughtful gift that would complement that interest?? Or else I'm wandering the store, picking up random items and wondering if our friendship is strong enough to survive a man's necktie and a pair of garden gloves for a birthday gift. (Okay, it's not quite that bad. But almost.)

That's why, when I give gifts, presentation counts for at least 90% of the thing. It's like, even if my gift isn't great, at least it's wrapped up nicely! Don't focus on the fact that it's a coffee maker even though you don't drink coffee. At least it has a bow on it! And did you see the tissue paper?? It's pink!

Enter last Sunday's craft. I bought cheap paper bags and quickly made a potato stamp. (30-second potato stamp tutorial: cut a potato in half, carve a simple shape, let dry or wipe dry. Boom, done. Just make sure the edges are carved down too, so you don't have the outline of the potato on your stamp.) Then, use basic acrylic paint to stamp patterns on your bags. Add some baker's twine or tissue paper when the bags dry, and you're good to go!

The great thing about this craft (and all crafts I blog about, let's be honest) is that it's basically impossible to mess up. If you accidentally stamp something crooked, just add a few more crooked stamps and pretend that was the plan all along. Which is really my philosophy for life. When something goes wrong, pretend you planned it that way all along! ;)

And there you have it: 
another cute, easy impossible-to-mess-up craft
that will take any present to the next level.
And um, how can I become a better gift-giver?

This post was adapted from an original post that appeared on Silver Lining in March 2014.

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