Silver Lining: house guests and open houses

May 14, 2015

house guests and open houses

This week, Sam's mom has been visiting us. Guess what that means? Free babysitter! Date nights galore! I even took a nap the other day, and ran errands without a baby in tow. As it turns out, one can successfully make it in and out of the library in two minutes flat if one does not have a baby to buckle, unbuckle, and carry. Claire has been so spoiled this week with constant attention from her grandma. And I mean constant. When Grandma took a shower this morning, Claire literally sat outside the bathroom door the whole time, waiting to be played with some more. :) It's going to be one sad day for all of us when Grandma has to go home!

We were able to reserve Payson temple open house tickets at the last minute. You guys. It's a gigantic temple, and so beautiful. It was crowded when we went, but still worth it! Basically I walked through the whole thing with my jaw hanging open. So many incredibly beautiful details. And colors! I loved all the floral prints and dark wood paneling. (To learn more about LDS temples or get tickets to tour the Payson temple while it's still open to the public, click here.) We started calling the Great and Spacious Temple.

 Look! I found Sierra!

And on the way home, we stopped at Cafe Rio for dinner. It's really hard to have a bad evening when Cafe Rio is involved.

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