Silver Lining: recent photoshoots

May 18, 2015

recent photoshoots

Photography has been a lifelong hobby of mine. In fact, there may or may not be 500 pictures of my chubby pubescent face on an old hard drive somewhere to prove it. I took them with my mom's old point-and-shoot camera when I was fourteen... although I'm secretly hoping that hard drive got thrown away somewhere along the road. I think the world can do without 500 pictures of my braces smile!

Luckily for the world, I've started turning the camera around, and photographing other people's infinitely cuter (braces-free!) faces.

People are my favorite thing to photograph. Human subjects are infinitely more high-stakes and stressful than shooting, say, a landscape, but they're my favorite. Maybe it's because of all the details you can capture in an image. Maybe it's because personality and individuality really shine through in photographs. But really, I think it's the memories. A good picture captures not only an image in time, but a memory. It says so much more than the sum of all its pixels. (I feel like that's vaguely profound. A good picture is much more than the sum of its pixels. Somebody slap that on a cute background to make one of those weird semi-inspirational but not actually inspirational at all memes that gets pinned a million times on Pinterest. No? It's not actually that profound? You're right. Moment's over. Moving on.)

This was a shoot I did about a month ago for my friends Carly and Ryan. They're also moving to Arizona this summer, and even though we'll be on opposite sides of the huge Phoenix metropolis, I'm excited to hang out with them and their baby girl!

I also got to take senior pictures for my twin sisters, Hannah and Carley. Are they babes or what?! I remember little first grade Hannah and Carley, and how I used to teach them piano lessons. Now they're all grown up and saving China! (Name that movie.) But seriously, they are gorgeous. Bonus points if you can tell them apart!

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