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May 22, 2015

just a little excited over here

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It's almost June 3, and June 3 is going to be a magical day. Why? Because that's the day that my little brother comes home!

John has been sweating it out in Colombia for the past two years. He's been building houses, digging trenches, helping people get the legal licenses they need, and teaching anyone who will listen about love and forgiveness (to read more about LDS missions, click here!). In almost all of his weekly emails home, he casually mentions something like wading through flooded streets with the water up to his knees help a family move their belongings to higher ground. You know, just casually wading through a street. A flooded street. That has knee-deep water. To help a family he met yesterday. Just another Tuesday in the office.

To say we're excited to see John again is an understatement. In typical crazy person fashion, I've been anticipating his return for months. Do I know exactly how many days until I see him again? Yes. Twelve. Have I already cried in happy anticipation about it? Yes. Do I have a paper chain counting down the days? No, but now that I think about it, why haven't I already made one of those?

Who wouldn't be excited to see their little brother, right? But also, he's never met Claire! I am so so so so so so so so so darn excited to finally introduce Claire to the last of her many uncles. Can you picture how happy it will be when John and Claire finally meet?!? His flight actually gets in at almost midnight, so I'm not sure how happy Claire will be. In fact, those first moments when she's up in the middle of the night surrounded by airport chaos and yelling and hugging strangers might not be the most magical.... But John has a month after he gets home to cement his status as the favorite uncle before we move. No time to waste, Elder Wilson! Get to it!

I'm excited to partner with Coca-Cola today to share our plans for John's return. We made him a little gift basket with all the essentials: pictures of the family over the last two years, some of his favorite candy, a family favorite movie that came out while he was away, and a little note with some of the music, movies, books, and pop culture he needs to catch up on (the phrase "literally can't even" is accepted as a complete thought now, and you have to hashtag everything these days). And what could be more perfect for an American homecoming than a Diet Coke with his name on it??

We also made the cute little signs pictured above for Claire to hold at the airport. Assuming she's not screaming because it's midnight and she's supposed to be in bed asleep. :)

I picked up John's personalized Coke at Walmart. They have the biggest (and by far the most organized!) selection of 20-ounce personalized Coke bottles. Here is a list of Walmart stores where you can find a large quantity of personalized Coca Cola bottles to share with someone this Summer! If your store is not on the list you can still find these bottles at all Walmart locations.
AH we are just so excited for June 3. Bring on the summer! And share a Coke with a loved one while you're at it. Happy Friday, and thank you so much for reading and supporting the brands that support my little family. It means the world to me.

P.S. See a related video with Claire here.

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