May 27, 2015


One of the most vulnerable things I can do as a blogger is start a new series or link-up. It's like, "This is a good idea, right?" "Everyone will love it and participate in it, right?" "But what if nobody likes it?" "What if everyone hates it?" "What if it's a huge flop and not one single soul wants to join me?" 

As a blogger, you just have to take those risks. No risk, no reward, right? Sometimes when I try new things on this blog, it's a huge flop (remember my instaLIFE link-up three years ago? Probably not. It was great for a few weeks, but it fizzled out pretty quickly.) But sometimes, when you start a new series even though it's scary and you're afraid nobody will join you, it's a success. I have had so much fun with this monthly How We Wore It fashion collaboration that I don't see myself ever stopping. And people seem to like it! They sign up! More people than I can take want to participate, and it makes my blogger heart happy to see all the excitement about the series. Although I'm still trying to work out the perfect way to include everyone but still keep it a manageable size.

This month's fashion inspiration comes from Mary of Memorandum. I took one look at the pleated skirt and new I had to use this picture.
And here's my take on it! The pleated skirt was a must. I opted to pair it with a softer denim shirt and my favorite nude pumps.

(Another extremely vulnerable thing I can do as a blogger is pose for outfit pictures when I am not a fashion blogger. So basically this entire post is an exercise in embracing the uncomfortable. Somebody sing me Sara Bareilles!)

Pleated skirts are one of the easiest ways I know to make yourself feel instantly feminine and beautiful. Plus, they're light and flowy and perfect for the summer months coming up. I'm slowly building my collection of skirts and shirts that don't require a slip or an undershirt. Accruing wardrobe items that require extra layers underneath just doesn't make sense for the hot Arizona summer I'll be thrown into in just two more months.

Make sure to check out these awesome ladies and how they styled their outfits!

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P.S. Lots of you have asked about how you can sign up for future months. I'm full for June, July, and August, but in my August post I'll include sign-ups for the rest of the year. I'd love to have you!

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