Silver Lining: a poolside babe and a happy list

June 1, 2015

a poolside babe and a happy list

It's Monday, and this little babe has us smiling and ready to hit the pool again!

Little Miss Claire got a head cold at the end of last week, but after lots of sleep, lots of cuddling, and 24/7 pacifier time, she woke up smiling and happy and ready to go! Too bad I still have work for three more weeks, right?

Here's a little Monday morning happy list:

+ It's officially June, and it looks like June will be an amazing month. My little brother comes home, I get to go to the weddings of a few dear friends and family, and we plan on heading to the pool as often as we can.

+ Sam is very serious about "conditioning" our bodies for the Arizona heat. Yesterday we went on a little walk during the hottest time of the day. Sometimes Sam even turns on the heat full-blast when he drives to and from work in his already heated car. It makes me laugh, but you could not pay me to join him in that hot car. No thank you sir! Guess I'll just have to adjust when we get there!

+ Speaking of Arizona, finding housing in Tempe is TRICKY. First of all, half of the city is a high-rise business district with lots of studio apartments and modern business complexes, but severely lacking in family-friendly housing, parks, and splash pads. No one seems able to really describe the other half of the city, except to say, "It's not a place I would feel comfortable walking in after dark. Or at any time of day with a baby." Of course, I'm basing this all on tips from friends, reviews online, and the one time I've actually been there in person. But, it looks like we found a little pocket of neighborhoods that are nice and safe and not too far away from campus. So now we're making appointments and getting excited to trek down there in a few weeks to sign a lease!

+ We've really been loving doing anything outside lately. Honestly, we have the Provo Parks and Recreation department to thank for hours and hours of fun at our favorite parks and pools. They deserve an award, or lots and lots of money. So I'm nominating them to get just that! As part of a fun #UltraHug campaign I'm participating in, I'm nominating Provo Parks & Rec to win one of ten $2,000 grants from Huggies. Wouldn't it be great to get more people out and moving and enjoying the splash pads and the parks this summer? See more about the campaign here, and upload a selfie with your baby using the hashtag #UltraHug to nominate your favorite cause today! Huggies are our favorite brand of diaper, and I like them even better now that they're giving away money to everyone's favorite causes.

+ Jason has a collection of temporary tattoo mustaches, and he's spent a large portion of his summer break thus far trying on different looks. The French Connoisseur is a favorite, but he still has about 45 more of those things to try on ;)

+ For the summer, I started working in the mornings instead of the afternoons and evenings. It's so great! I'm done with work by lunch, and I get to spend the rest of the day with my family instead of frantically car swapping and rushing off to work in the evenings.

+ This cute baby in her swimsuit. I mean seriously. The leg rolls!

What's on your happy list today?
Fingers crossed for an awesome Monday!
May it be filled with mustaches, cute babies, and trips to the pool :)

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