June 24, 2015


It's time for How We Wore It! For those of you that are new here, here's a quick little recap of how this series works. Every month, I send out an inspiration photo, and then all the participating bloggers recreate their take on the outfit based on items already in their closet. We all post our outfits and link to each other on the same day. It's fun to see how everyone interpreted the outfit each month.
This series is also a fun challenge for me, since fashion blogging is right up there with hand-eye coordination in my list of Worst Talents Ever. It's good for me to step outside my comfort zone every month as I choose, coordinate, and photograph an outfit. Also, it's proof that sometimes I actually do wear lipstick. Every last Wednesday of the month ;)

This month's inspiration came from the lovely Robyn Vilate. She is gorgeous, and this laid-back, summer casual outfit caught my eye immediately. It's totally something I would wear to a baseball game or on a low-key date with my husband. The problem is that I own exactly ZERO camoflauge items. None. Not even a headband or anything. I almost posed wrapped in my husband's grubby old camo-print beach towel because it's the only camoflauge thing in our whole house (ha! now that would be a fashion statement!). Instead, I opted for a forest-green shirt, my favorite pair of jeans, and a nice summer hat and sandals.

The original:
 Robyn's original post can be found here
My take:

Check out the other ladies who participated this month. These are some of my favorite bloggers, and every one of their outfits that I've seen so far has been spot on. Seriously, they are killin' it with recreating the outfits this month.

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PS Want to participate in How We Wore It? Sign-ups are full through August, but if you want a link to the fall signups in a month or so leave a comment or tweet me with your email address! If you've already participated, you're already on the signup email list :)

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