Silver Lining: taking a break

July 10, 2015

taking a break

Today I'm dropping in to write a few words amidst piles and piles of boxes. I'm squeezed here into the corner of the table between a big pile of pictures that have been taken off the wall and several rolls of half-used packing tape.

In the next few weeks, we're making the trek to Arizona. We're also spending these last few weeks with family, including a week-long stay at a beautiful cabin in Montana with my favorite people (and no Internet). 

I decided that I need to take a little blog break for the rest of the month. In between vacationing and moving and the off-and-on Internet access I'll have during all of this, posting at my usual schedule just isn't practical. More than that, though, I really want to be present and with my family in these last weeks. We're celebrating the end of our Utah adventure and the beginning of our Arizona adventure, and I want to truly be there for this crazy (stressful!) amazing time.

Also, I want to consciously spend time away from my blog, so that I will return even more excited and rejuvenated. Almost every job has built-in vacation time because they know it's good for employees to take a scheduled break every once in a while. When you're self-employed it's harder to take those breaks because nobody is forcing you, but I think it will be really good for me to take a few vacation days. I mean, I didn't even take days off my blog when my baby was born. I think I'm overdue for a little break. 

I have some really awesome content already prepped and ready to go for when I return. Family pictures! The most gorgeous print shop I found! A new place to live! Family vacation posts! Waiting twenty whole days to post all this awesome stuff might be harder than I think. (To my How We Wore It people: I'm super sad it won't be happening this month! But I already have a killer outfit ready to go for August, and I'll email everyone who wants to participate in the first few days of August.) 

To tide you over for the next three weeks, here are a few pictures of Claire's one-year cake smash. I mean, the girl spends all day under the table hunting for bits of food, but the second we put a delicious cake in front of her, she doesn't want it?? Even when we helped her eat some, she was mostly interested in playing with her little skirt and clapping for everyone who was watching her. What a goofball.

Thank you so much for reading along with our family's adventures, 
and for being so understanding and supportive of this little break. 
My readers are seriously the best.

Meanwhile, follow along with all my adventures on Instagram HERE! Instagram is my favorite. This picture I posted on Wednesday has been cracking me up all day long. I would love to see you over there!

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