Silver Lining: there is no such thing as beating the heat

August 5, 2015

there is no such thing as beating the heat

These days, I feel like starting every post with, "Well, it's really hot here." "Today started hot, then got hotter, then ended hot." "It's me, checking in with everlasting fire and brimstone weather conditions." "Today I watched a video of a guy baking cookies inside his car, that's how hot it is here."

So that's how I'm going to start. It's hot here, folks! Really hot! In fact, the high today is supposed to be 116. WHAT. I'm beginning to realize the phrase "beat the heat" is just a nonsensical cute saying made up by someone in a moderate climate. Someone wearing a sweater and sipping hot chocolate must have been sitting on their front porch one chilly morning and thought, "Beat the heat! Isn't that a cutesy little phrase? Think of all the summer sales that can use that jingle to sound like they really know what hot weather is!"

You can't beat the heat, people. IT'S EVERYWHERE. You can wear white pants or shop at the summer sale or buy a frappuccino or any of the thousands of things advertisements tell you to do in the name of beating the heat, but when it's 116 outside, you won't beat the heat.

The only thing you can do is acknowledge that you are a crazy person for choosing to live in such a climate, and then go swimming in that heat. :) So that's exactly what we've been doing. This is our last week before Sam's school starts, so we're soaking up all the family time we can get. Swimming at one of the two pools in our complex has been an almost daily activity.

This girl cracks me up. For the first three days we were here, she refused to take a single step outside. We'd set her down and she'd just sit there looking worried and whisper, "Hot. Iss hot." You got that right, baby girl. Just look at that concerned face!
Her hair is starting to curl as it gets longer, and I can't get enough of it.

 The plants here are so amazing. I was NOT expecting everything to be in bloom because it's so hot outside (have I mentioned it's hot here?), but I was totally wrong. Everything's blooming, and it's gorgeous.

 ^^^ We have a Grade A ham on our hands. What a goofball!

Forgive me in advance for the million palm tree pictures you're going to see while we're in Arizona. I just can't get over them. In fact, this picture I posted on Instagram the other day was taken at a stoplight, with the window rolled down and me leaning out the window like a crazy person to get the shot. Ha!

What else can we do to stay alive during these insanely hot days?
I'm open to any and all 'beat the heat' suggestions! :)

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