Silver Lining: a walking chocolate tour

October 26, 2015

a walking chocolate tour

These days, date night tends to be rushed, short, or with a busy toddler third wheel in tow. Sometimes, it just consists of us eating leftovers from the fridge and watching one short episode of something on Netflix before we get back to projects and homework. Date night is perpetually on our list of things we know we should try to be better at, but rarely seem to get around to improving.

Our habitual date night laziness made this week's mini getaway all the better for us. We went to the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, which is exactly as awesome as the name suggests. We joined 6 other chocoholics and our tour guide for a walk around the most gorgeous areas of Scottsdale, with stops along the way to sample the best chocolate the city has to offer. I know, right.

 ^^This shop was our favorite. Also, lavender chocolate. I didn't even know that was a thing, and I definitely didn't think I'd like it. I was pleasantly surprised. Or maybe it's just that everything in this shop was to-die-for good.
 ^^Almost all of the shop owners were there to tell us about their passion for chocolate and hand out samples of their most delicious items.
  ^^Cakes like these are too beautiful to eat.
^^Okay fine. I'd eat them.
 ^^Getting to know Scottsdale was one of my favorite parts. Talk about a gorgeous city! It almost made us feel like Scottsdale is Eagleton, and we are the poor kids from Pawnee. But seriously.
 ^^Sam's obsession of the night. Milk chocolate with bacon bits and potato chips mixed in!

 ^^We found the only cupcake ATM in Arizona!

 ^^Honestly one of my favorite parts of this whole tour was getting to know the tour guide (who got the idea for a Phoenix-area chocolate tour while studying abroad in London and now singlehandedly runs her successful chocolate tour business) and the 6 other awesome people in our group.
^^See what I mean about how Scottsdale is gorgeous??

Honestly, this was one of the most fun date nights we've been on for a long time. It's more expensive than we usually spend on dates, but for an anniversary or birthday it's perfect. I'd even love to grab a girlfriend and make this a ladies night out or a "treat yoself" night. (I can't seem to stop with the Parks & Rec references today.) It was worth every penny.

Thank you, Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, for having us! 
Check out their schedule here, and be sure to tell them I sent you!

*Our date night was sponsored by Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale, but my genuine recommendation and love of our experience is all my own.

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