October 28, 2015


Autumn has been a strange thing for me this year. Simply put, I haven't had one. Or I guess, technically, I'm just having a very different fall season here in Arizona. I see pumpkins, sweaters, and fall leaves on Instagram, and I think, "That will be lovely when fall comes to Arizona." But I don't think it will. I think this is it. And surprisingly, I'm really okay with that. We've had lots of warm sidewalk, open windows, cool breeze days lately, and I am perfectly happy to have that weather every day from now until April.

It does make planning my How We Wore It outfits a little harder. I'm always pinning to my secret inspiration board on Pinterest, and then realizing I'm pinning all summer outfits. Sorry in advance if next month's outfit features shorts and a t-shirt! ;)

A quick refresher on How We Wore It: every month, I send the same outfit inspiration to 25 bloggers. Our challenge is to create our own outfit with what's already in our closet, based on the colors, textures, patterns, or pieces in the inspiration. I started this on a whim, but I'm so glad I did, because I look forward to it every month.

This month's inspiration, from StyleLovely:

And my take on it:
 ^^Believe me, this was the least awkward pose out of about 20 different pictures. What can I say, I'm a natural at bending my limbs weirdly in front of the camera.
 ^^While Sam was taking these pictures, he said, "You should call this your blog pose." I asked why, and he said, "Literally you never do this in real life. You only do it for the camera." Haha! He's totally right. Henceforth, it shall officially be known as The Blog Pose.

One of my favorite parts of this series is getting to meet other fabulous bloggers. Be sure to check out these ladies' outfits and give them some blog love!

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Amy at Harris Inc.
Brooklyn at Brooklyn Jolley
Amy at Lamb & Ivy
Autumn at Stay Gold Autumn
Brielle at Breezy and Co
Riley at Riley Jo Blog
Maren at Maren and Co
Kyla at FordOlogy
Robin at Penn & Quill
Shelbie at R+S Brereton
Jennifer at Jennifer Sikora
Sarah at My For Real Life
Deidre at Deidre Emme
Rachel at Rachel Sayumi

Want to join in next month? SCHEDULE CHANGE: We usually do it the last Wednesday of the month, but this year, that falls right in the middle of Thanksgiving in November and Christmas/New Years in December. So I decided to push it back and combine the two months with a post date of WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9. Again, we're combining November and December to accommodate all the holiday craziness, so snag your spot quickly before they're all gone! Sign up by filling out this short form HERE.

Happy How We Wore It day!

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