Silver Lining: State of the Union // the Emery Family

October 30, 2015

State of the Union // the Emery Family

I'm in the mood for a good 'ole fashioned blog post today. I just wanted to sit down and write about our life lately. It's just a little update about our family: the fun things, the not-so-fun things, and the consumption of yummy food. It's the State of the Union around the Emery household.

Honestly, I think this is the beginning of a really great time period for Sam. He's always been the type who would rather wake up and go to work every day than wake up and go to school every day. He had a lot of apprehensions when he quit his job so we could move down here for grad school three months ago.

His MBA program has surprised us all. He loves his classes. He loves his professors. He loves his colleagues. He loves his program - so much that he added a second masters degree. (Now it's an MBA + an MSBA! Sam is awesome!) If we're going to be here for two years living the crazy student loan grad school life, we might as well get the most out of it, right? He's already assured me that I needn't call him Double Master Samwise when he graduates; Master Samwise will do. ;)

I would also like it on the permanent record that nothing has ever been more attractive to me than Sam bathing a crazy toddler while simultaneously telling me about competitive advantage, net present value, and the delicious cranberry-topped bruschetta he ate at yesterday's corporate mixer. Absolutely nothing. Except maybe if he had brought home some cranberry-topped bruschetta to share.

Is it just me or has life absolutely tripled in speed lately?? Sometimes I feel like I'm six weeks behind in everything and falling even more behind each day. But mostly I feel like it's a sign that I'm right where I'm supposed to be, working hard and doing important things that matter. I've been clocking in lots of late nights and early mornings, but they're all for super exciting projects that make me really happy. It never seems like that much work when you're passionate about what you're doing, you know?

I've also been having some health problems, and consequently spending time at doctors offices and getting blood drawn, and all those no-fun things nobody likes to read about. The good thing is I have a sidekick for all my appointments who likes to run around waiting rooms and giggle as she rips up the "Are you at risk for heart disease?" pamphlets.

Remember when I used to think little babies were fun? I take it all back. Babies are cute, but toddlers are fun! Every day, Claire does some little new thing that, since we're first-time parents, must of course be photographed and video taped and sent to all the grandparents.

Claire loves to prance around outside and chase the "tweets," she can spend twenty minutes straight moving her toys from one container to another, and I swear she picks up a new word a day. (This week's words were "up?" and "PCHEW," which as we all know, is the sound the garbage truck makes when it's emptying the dumpster outside our apartment.) She is often the highlight of our day, and she makes our family a little softer, a little more kind.
Photos by Kaycie Eddie Photography

And now I'm going to go put on Claire's ladybug wings so we're ready for trunk or treat tonight. It's the good life when your kid is young enough that you can steal all her candy and she'll be none the wiser. ;)

(Here's the last State of the Union post I did a few months ago. We miss Jason!)

Happy Friday!

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