Silver Lining: little miss Claire lately

October 2, 2015

little miss Claire lately

Mostly I wanted to treat you to pictures of Claire in various states of adorable toddler nudity today. I feel like I haven't gone all first-time-mom-obsessed-with-her-child on you for a long time, and I will not stand for it any longer!

So here we go: life with little miss Claire lately.

Our tall baby is getting even taller, and her new trick is opening doors. It was really cute, until we realized she could open the front door as well. I can totally picture her toddling out and taking a tumble down the stone stairs one day! So now we have a sign above our door handle that says, "Please keep door deadbolted. Inmate trying to escape!"

One of the most fun parts of Claire getting older is her ability to play. This morning on our walk she discovered a little grate, and it was the most hilarious thing in the world to stand on the grate. Stand on it, laugh, run away, run back, stand on it, laugh. The world really is her playground, and I can't get enough of watching her discover and explore.

We also discovered a new favorite toy: pom poms! She'll transfer these little pom poms from bowl to bowl for a good twenty minutes (long enough for me to do the dishes without a little helper that wants to crawl inside the dishwasher!).

We've been trying to teach Claire body parts lately too. She's up to about a 50% success rate when trying to find her belly button. That darn belly button is just too elusive sometimes!
She spends a good portion of the time looking out the window and shouting, "Tweet!" when she sees a bird outside. We're pretty sure she was a watch dog in her previous life. ;)
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Last but not least, I present to you Claire playing peek-a-boo around the corner of the mailboxes today. It's always a good time at the mailbox.
And her model shot:

We love our happy, independent, crazy, sensitive, spirited little girl!

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