September 30, 2015


I had the best of intentions not to procrastinate on my pictures this month. At one point last Thursday, I was even in my outfit and ready to go take the pictures. Then something else came up, and then I was busy, and then Sam wasn't here to take my pictures, and then..... etc etc etc.

So I ended up taking these pictures a whole twelve hours ago. Or rather, the lovely Janssen took them for me. One day I'll learn not to procrastinate, but when procrastinating leads you to finally meet one of your favorite bloggers and spend time by a gorgeous lake, how can I not procrastinate, right?

This month's outfit inspiration is from the lovely Emily of Life With Emily.

Out of all my How I Wore It posts, this one is definitely the most different from the original outfit. I saw her orange shirt, and for some reason, all I could think about were my red crop pants. (I don't know, they looked like the same kind of fabric?) So I put on my red crop pants, and thus the outfit was born. I did try to tie it back to Emily with her strappy sandals and matching purse though (Janssen suggested I use her purse instead of mine. It totally matched better so I went for it!).

Here are the other bloggers that joined me in my new favorite series. They are seriously amazing bloggers (and there are a lot of new faces this time!), so go give them some love! 

Robin at Penn and Quill
Kyla at FordOlogy
Sierra at Sierra's View
Sharlee at My New Lines
Aubrey at Aubrey Zaruba
Jennifer at The Pepper Express
Amy at Harris, Inc.
Ashley at Absolutely Ashley
Berkley at Berkley Anne
Riley at Riley Jo
Tayler at The Morrell Tale
Jacqui at Drink the Day
Maren at Mark and Maren
Brooklyn at Brooklyn Jolley
Sarah at My For Real Life
Madison at Madison Custer
Amy at Lamb and Ivy
Alicia at Snowstorm
Shelby at R + S Brereton
Alexa at He and I

**UPDATE** Sign-ups are now closed for next month! I'd love to have you for How We Wore It next month! If you're a blogger that posts regularly, and would like to post about how you interpreted an outfit I gave you, click HERE for more details and to sign up for next month! 

Happy Wednesday, and as always, thank you so much for reading!

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