Silver Lining: DIY Photo Backdrops

September 28, 2015

DIY Photo Backdrops

One of the main things I do to make my pictures more beautiful and professional is use a good backdrop. Sometimes a simple white poster board will do, or a fun printed tablecloth or towel. But often, I want something more. That's where my DIY backdrops come in!

Today I wanted to share my two favorite backdrops that I use all the time. One of them is tile, and the other is the white marble look that is so popular right now. And the best part? They're both under $20, and since I use them constantly, they have been well worth the money to me. Here's how I made them!


1 foam board (this one was a good size) or piece of plywood (most home improvement stores will cut it down to your exact size specifications for free)
6 peel and stick vinyl tiles (I bought mine at Home Depot for 87 cents each. I believe these are the exact tiles, but if you buy online you have to buy a pack of 20.)

All you have to do is line up the tiles to cover your foam board or plywood, and then peel and stick each one on! Make sure the edges are firmly pressed against each other so there are no gaps.

My vinyl tiles hung over the edge of my foam board, so I used paper to cover the back of them. That way the edges of my tiles won't stick to everything they touch. It's a little flimsy around the edges, but since I always put it on a solid surface when I shoot, it's been fine.

A recent photoshoot with my tile backdrop (see more here):


1 foam board (this one again!)
white marble contact paper (I loved this one)

Another super easy tutorial! Roll out your contact paper on top of the foam board and cut to size. Starting in one corner, carefully peel the adhesive off and stick to the poster board. Work slowly and use a ruler to press out any air bubbles as you go.

A recent photoshoot with my marble backdrop:

And that's it! Each one of these backdrops took me ten minutes, and I use them for beautiful, high-quality backgrounds no matter what I'm photographing. 

What other backdrops do you like to use for photography?
Any favorites I should make?
Let me know how these turn out if you make them!

*This post contains affiliate links to products I used and loved.

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