Silver Lining: differences

November 12, 2015


This blog post is to show off three important things. Well, some of them are important, and some of them are pictures of succulents.

Which brings us to item number one: my cactus and succulent obsession. It doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. Sam doesn't understand my tendency to take pictures of every single artichoke agave I come across, but when you get lovely photos like these, no other explanation is needed, right?

 Between pictures of succulents and all my #azsunset iPhone snaps, I pretty much have Instagram covered for the next three years.
The second thing I have to share is that I happened upon this little scene yesterday in the nursery. While I was putting Claire's laundry away, she crawled up on the glider and started reading to herself. Between this and the sight of her in her snuggly footy pajamas, my melty heart is feeling especially melted these days.

The third thing I've been thinking about is differences in marriage. There's a quote in Wuthering Heights, where Catherine says of Heathcliff, "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." 

It's such a sweet sentiment, but honestly, I don't usually feel that way about Sam. We're total opposites in so many ways. Our backgrounds are so different. Our likes, our dislikes, our home lives growing up. How and where we were raised could be a book called "Case Studies in Opposing Childhoods."

On some days, we disagree about the silliest things. Where the measuring cups should go in the kitchen. (In the little drawer to the right of the oven.) How many times one should press the snooze button in the mornings. (Zero.) Baby names. (For a couple that's not pregnant, we spend an inordinate amount of time debating baby names.) Political candidates and Saturday agendas and who gets Claire for the last hour of church. Really, you name it, we've got different opinions about it!

By all accounts, we should be constantly fighting. I come from a long line of passionate, stubborn strong-willed Richards women, after all. But we don't. I keep remembering a little moment from one of our first dates, before we were officially a thing. We were sitting across the table in a cupcake shop, each with a hot chocolate in hand. Mine was mint, and his was regular, and we had strong opinions about whose was best. But that's not what we were talking about.

"Look," he said. He was looking down and fidgeting with the corner of the table. Almost like he was embarrassed? Or shy? "I know it's not like the cool thing to say -"

He looked up. He was almost blushing. Definitely shy!

"-But what I really want out of life is to go to work every day, and then come home and be with my wife and kids. I want to do the whole parent meetings at school and soccer games and whatnot. That whole thing. That's what I want most from life. Just a family that I love."

Maybe we're more alike than we think. Maybe, deep down, whatever the most important parts of our souls are made of, we're the same. (Catherine Earnshaw was onto something after all.) And maybe our differences balance and compliment each other. And maybe that's a great thing. 

On our next date, when we were saying goodbye, he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. It was the sweetest, most understated gesture, and right at that exact moment, I was done for.

And now this has turned into a blog post about Sam and how crazy I am about him. There is a 100% chance my brother will give me flack about this blog post when he comes for Thanksgiving. Oh well. Sam is fantastic, the end.

But I can't let you go before I tell you about this necklace. I wanted a little mint peridot necklace to commemorate the month I married Sam, and absolutely I love this one. The necklaces are small and strong and I swear they're more sparkly than any photo captures. It's from the Hey June shop (I want these in rose gold), and my dear friend + shop owner, Bonnie, is offering 20% off with the code BROOKE20.

The other necklace is for my sister to commemorate the month in which they got to adopt their little boy. The code is only good through Saturday, so get one for your bestie and your mother-in-law and yourself today!

Okay FINE one last picture in all its grainy glory:

You see why I had to include it. And NOW it's the end.

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