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January 18, 2016

all about the T W I N S

First of all, I wanted to say a huge thank-you for the overwhelming response that poured in after our happy announcement last week. The many texts, phone calls, Skype calls, and Facebook comments have made the past few days some of the happiest of our lives. Thank you for helping us feel so supported!

In case you missed it, here's the video: We're expecting TWINS!

I'm fairly certain I'll remember that ultrasound for the rest of my life. Within about five seconds of putting the wand on my stomach, when the screen was still an indistinguishable grey blur to me, the ultrasound tech said matter-of-factly, "You're having twins."

I laughed. "No I'm not," I assured her.

I stared at the screen. One second passed. Two seconds passed. Three sec-

"Did you just say I'm having twins?! Are you serious? There are actually two babies in there? No way. You have to be joking. I can't believe it! Sorry I'm crying. I'm so happy. I'm actually having two babies?! Oh my gosh. Do they both look okay? Wow. TWINS! I wasn't expecting that. Do you have a kleenex? I can't stop crying. I am just so happy! You're positive there are two babies in there? Can I hear their heartbeats? It's really not a joke or anything?"

Who knows how long the blubbering would have continued for. The ultrasound lady congratulated me, said it was quite all right to cry, and let me listen to both of their heartbeats. There was a lot of talk about Baby A and Baby B and a lot of information that I didn't absorb at all, because TWINS. TWO REAL-LIFE BABIES.

I kept asking if she was serious, or if it was a joke or something. Finally, she very nicely said, "Sweetheart, you're having twins. Nothing about having twins is a joke."

Ha! And that's been our motto ever since! We are so incredibly excited, and so incredibly overwhelmed. That night, neither of us could fall asleep until almost midnight. And then we both ended up wide awake at 3:30am, just lying in bed thinking about getting to hold TWO squishy newborns! And also thinking about how much our lives are going to change.

I mean, we're going to have three kids under three! Three kids in diapers! We'll have to buy a minivan or something. It's literally impossible to fit two newborn carseats plus Claire's forward-facing carseat in the tiny back seat of our little Corolla. We might have to move too. Unless someone knows of some sort of triple-decker bunk bed that involves one toddler bed and two cribs. ;) Our lives are going to change forever, but honestly, I think we're just insane enough to survive it, and actually even love the chaos and the craziness and the sleep deprivation. (Well, nobody loves sleep deprivation, but still.) We are so excited about our little twin babes, and are already anxious to meet them this summer.

Some questions we've been asked recently, and their answers:

When are you due?

I'm due the very first of August. However, since I'm having twins I'll deliver early. We're hoping there will be no complications and I'll be able to keep them inside growing until early- or mid-July.

Identical or fraternal? Boy or girl?

We're not sure yet! The twins each have their own amniotic sac and placenta, so they're most likely not identical. I have ultrasounds every 3 weeks or less, so hopefully we'll be able to tell the sexes at one of the next few ultrasounds.

How have you been feeling?

I have too many loved ones battling infertility to feel I've ever earned the right to complain about my pregnancies. Let's just say I've been miserable and leave it at that. Sam had a long school break this year, and he spent every day of it taking care of me and Claire. We were also super lucky to spend three weeks of my sickest time in Utah with my family who happily played with Claire while I laid in bed all day and turned down Krysti's delicious food in favor of the only thing I could force down: plain Cheerios. Luckily, I've started feeling a little less nauseous this week, and I have high hopes that the fatigue will go away soon too! I mean, not to brag, but I actually had enough energy to vacuum the carpets the other day. Watch out world. Here I come.

Without meaning to be indelicate.... how did this happen?

Ha! We love this one. We're just as mystified as you! I have some awesome twin stepsisters, but genetically speaking, there are almost no twins anywhere in either of our family trees. And there were no fertility treatments at work either. We're just calling it a gigantic, unexpected, amazing blessing.

Are you scared?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: I'm terrified. I recently made the mistake of googling everything that could go wrong with a twin pregnancy late at night. (I knew it was a bad idea; I just couldn't seem to stop myself.) Luckily, I found an amazing OB/GYN here who is incredibly positive and helps me believe in a smooth, complication-free pregnancy and delivery.

And then - when they get here - two babies! Double the midnight feedings! Double the exhaustion! Double the soreness in my nipples and double the crying and double the blowouts - and about one million times the love. As crazy as it sounds, it feels like this was our family's plan the whole time. With the help of a million friends and family and neighbors, and with a huge helping of the Spirit to guide and comfort me, I'm ready.

We are so excited for our little twinners!

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