Silver Lining: gorgeous nurseries and free citrus tasting

January 22, 2016

gorgeous nurseries and free citrus tasting

Last weekend, we got the chance to wander around the cutest nursery in Gilbert. And when I say wander around, I mean chase Claire while yelling, "Don't touch that cactus!" Don't touch that cactus will probably be the first four-word sentence out of her mouth, she's heard it so much. But I kept remembering the terrible incident a few years ago that involved Jason, a small tumble down a hill in Moab, and about a million cactus needles implanted in his left palm. We're trying to avoid a repeat incident if we can. ;)

This nursery was having a citrus tasting event, which was just as delicious as it sounds. They had almost thirty different types of oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, and more, all cut into bite-size pieces. We started on the sour end, with the Mexican limes (you eat the rind as well, which was actually tangy and delicious), and ended up on the sweet end, with the mandarins and oranges.

^^her sour faces were cracking us up

All in all, it was a fun outing, a gorgeous nursery (I want to photograph a family here!) and one day I swear I'll own all 30 of those trees so I can have citrus tasting parties at my home all throughout January. You're all invited to attend in January 2025. ;)

 ^^Claire trying to make friends by offering tiny pieces of gravel to anyone under the age of 10.
Hooray for little weekend outings, gorgeous nurseries, and all the fresh citrus I could ask for.
Happy Friday!

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