Silver Lining: instead of to-do lists

January 25, 2016

instead of to-do lists

This weekend combined a little of the best with a little of the worst (isn't that always how it goes?). Just when I thought I was getting out of the woods with my morning sickness, another onslaught came, and at this point it looks like it's here to stay forever. Luckily, I got lots of time to rest this weekend, and spent more than a few minutes marveling that 20 tiny fingers on two tiny babes each formed their own tiny fingerprints this week. We had a great stake conference this weekend. (Side note: We tried out the kids room on Sunday, with the assumption that Claire would happily run about while we quietly listened. Bad idea! It was chaos and craziness times a million. And now we know it's easier to wrangle one busy toddler in a quiet room than try to survive twelve of them screaming at once in the nursery room. Sure made for lots of laughs during those two hours though.) We got to see some good friends this weekend, and just relax and enjoy the feeling of being with people you already know well. 

I like to be a mover and a shaker, someone who gets up early and stays up late and goes goes goes. With this pregnancy, and with everything else lately, I've had to slow way way down. And I'm making a conscious effort to find health, happiness and fulfillment in the slower pace, in the simplified life. After all, the things that are most important are right in front of me, and no amount of running around or adding things to my to-do list make me happier. 

In fact, I've stopped making to-do lists altogether. Instead, I'm making "DONE" lists. At the start of each morning, I grab a blank piece of paper and write DONE at the top. Throughout the day, I add to it everything I've done. 

Guess what? Even on the days when I think I've been totally useless, I'm getting a lot done! I feed, bathe, and clothe my daughter every day. I almost always feel well enough to take her on a small walk, or sit on the park bench and watch while she runs around. I do a lot of work for my calling, almost every single day. Sometimes I do the dishes. Sometimes I capture beautiful images for my blog. Sometimes I make dinner. On Tuesdays, I babysit my friends' kids. Almost always, I take a nap while Claire naps, and that helps with one of the biggest items on my "DONE" list: I'm growing two babies, every single day! 

Honestly, my "DONE" lists have really changed my perspective. In this crazy time of life, when I've cut back on blogging, and when my photography business is on semi-permanent hiatus, it's easy to feel that my days are less structured and mundane. I'm also the least patient sick person in the world, and so I get mad at my body for not being able to grow two babies and feel well and do everything I used to do all at the same time. And isn't that so silly? Just typing out that sentence makes me realize how silly I am about slowing down and focusing on what's really important.

Good thing I have those DONE lists, and good thing I have Sam to pick up all my slack, and good thing I have such an amazing support network near and far. 

Have you ever made DONE lists?
Seriously, try it right now!
It's so empowering and gratifying.

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