Silver Lining: sixty minutes on a Saturday night

February 29, 2016

sixty minutes on a Saturday night

This is finals week for my husband, which means we've been sharing Sam with McCord Hall all day every day lately. Saturdays feel like a sixth weekday because we say goodbye to him in the mornings (Claire runs out to the porch to give him one last "Bye bye, daddy!" as he walks to the car), and we don't see him until dinner or bed time.

Last Saturday evening, I convinced Sam to leave campus early so we could grab dinner to-go and eat at a park. We were going to try one of the cool hipster healthy restaurants in our area, but in the end, we ended up with a huge burger each and some fries to share. Sometimes you just need a good cheeseburger for dinner, and that's the gospel truth.

We headed to Tempe Beach Park to eat, and it was the perfect golden hour. We ate, we ran around, we snapped a few pictures, and then we called it a night. It was simple and wonderful.
^^^ I love this little face. She pointed out every single airplane that flew overhead, and usually included some extra vital information that sounds like, "airpwane airpwane sky." It was a very serious matter.
 ^^^ Sunset over Tempe Town Lake was absolutely beautiful.
 ^^ It's the bump!
 ^^ Some people were doing yoga in the park. This is Claire's rendition. Ha!

And now this morning I just got back from dropping off Sam for another day of finals. Go Sam! And then go spring break! 

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