February 26, 2016


We are so excited! We found out the sexes of the twinners!

We actually found out the twins' genders during an ultrasound a few weeks ago, and while we've been telling people in person, I haven't made an official announcement yet. We were going to be in Utah visiting family, so I had a grand plan to make confetti-filled poppers and have everyone in the family pop one all at once. Wouldn't that have been so great?! Confetti everywhere! A fun surprise! But since our trip was cancelled due to the weather, so we had our own little party here in Arizona instead.

This is where I pause for a second and praise Aubrey Zaruba to the stars for making these and mailing them to us! I told her my vision, and she made it happen for a fraction of what I would have spent making or buying them myself. And look how darling they are! If you're in Utah, Aubrey is your gal for all things gender reveal.

So what do you think? Two girls? Two boys? One of each?
It's official! We're having one girl and one boy. We are so thrilled! I kind of expected this from the start, but it's nice to have more than just a gut feeling when it comes to shopping for baby clothes. ;)

And think how much easier it will be to tell them apart when they both look like wrinkly potato newborns. Although Sam and I are already planning on switching the twins' outfits while the other person is away and seeing how long it takes for the other person to notice. Bring it on, Sam!

Watching my baby girl and baby boy kick each other and bump up against each other during the ultrasound was one of the most surreal and amazing things of my entire life. Twins, man. This is going to be our best adventure yet.

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