Silver Lining: the Arizona Sunset

February 18, 2016

the Arizona Sunset

This drink is an ode to the gorgeous weather we've been having here in Arizona. Arizona in February is warm, sunny, and beautiful. And you just can't beat an Arizona sunset, which is what this drink is named for!

I love to drink Arizona Sunsets because they're easy to make, absolutely delicious, and non-alcoholic. The orange juice makes it perfect for brunches, bridal showers, and any other morning event. And since it's non-alcoholic, it's also great for baby showers, any event with children, or just any time you want to fancy up your dinner table!
 (I've also found similar recipes under the names Arizona Sunrise, Limoncello Sunrise, Phoenix Sunset, and Arizona Mocktail. They're all very similar, but this is my favorite version.)



Orange juice
Lemon-lime soda
Grenadine (red syrup found in the cocktail & wine aisle of your grocery store)
Optional: maraschino cherries, fresh raspberries, or orange slices for garnish


1. Put a splash of grenadine at the bottom of your cup.
2. Add ice to your cup.
3. Mix orange juice and lemon-lime soda together in a separate container. I personally like a little more soda than orange juice to make it taste nice and bubbly, but you can experiment to find your preference. The purest form of this drink has a 50/50 orange juice to soda ratio.
4. Pour the juice mixture from step 3 into the top of the drink. I like to pour it slowly on the side of the glass, or onto an ice cube, so the layers don't mix together too much.
5. Garnish and enjoy immediately! Take pictures when it's separated and gorgeous, then stir with a straw to enjoy all the flavors at once.
Any other favorite mocktail or lemonade recipes?
I'm in the market for fun new summer drinks to try when we have friends over.

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