Silver Lining: the best and worst of this twin pregnancy

February 22, 2016

the best and worst of this twin pregnancy

You know that quote about comparison being the thief of joy? As it turns out, it's also true if you're comparing yourself to yourself. Last week, I kept finding myself saying things like, "When I was pregnant with Claire, I ________." I was feeling better by now. I was exercising a lot more at this point. I had a much smaller and more manageable baby bump. I had enough energy to teach 30 fifth graders full-time, for crying out loud. 

I thought I'd be the type of person whose pregnancies are all pretty similar. If one thing was true with my first pregnancy, it would be true with my second pregnancy. And then I was disappointed every time this pregnancy was different (and harder) than my first. Which of course is silly. I'm growing TWO BABIES AT ONCE this time around. Of course everything's going to be different.

So this week, I stopped comparing my pregnancies. My only exercise is one long walk every morning, but I'm celebrating the fact that I felt well enough to go on a walk every day last week. I still have to nap every few days or I feel super sick, but I'm celebrating the fact that naps are good for me, and as long as I take them, I'm feeling pretty good these days. All the little aches and pains and minor inconveniences I'm feeling are great signs that my babies are developing normally.

And it's working so far. As it turns out, when I trust my body, and give it a lot of grace during this crazy time, I feel so much calmer and at peace. Not to mention, I'm able to focus on all the great things. I have a cute bump already! Almost all my food aversions are gone! I can feel when the twins switch spots with each other, and it's a surreal and amazing feeling!

With that, here are some 17-week bump pictures. I have to say,  I fell in love with this maternity maxi dress the moment I put it on. It's so comfortable! It's so soft! It's so low-maintenance! It's twirly and easy and perfect for the warmer days ahead. The best part? I feel beautiful when I wear it.

This dress is from my favorite boutique for cute maternity clothes, PinkBlush Maternity. (I'm also loving this maternity dress, and I loved their dress similar to this one last pregnancy for my brother's wedding.)
I wanted to share the PinkBlush love with you today, so if you head over to my Instagram you can win $75 to their boutique! Good for the maternity section, the regular section (which I also love to death), and the plus-size section. There's something for everybody! And they always have great sales, so $75 should be enough for two fun new pieces, plus shipping.

Happy Monday!
Let's hear it for looking on the bright side,
and for the cute twinners growing like crazy!

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