Silver Lining: a tour of campus

March 21, 2016

a tour of campus

With every new quarter of Sam's grad program comes a new lie. This quarter will be easy! they say. It's all downhill from here! Every quarter gets easier and easier! The workload is lighter and lighter! Well, Sam can personally testify that it's not getting easier. No sir. If anything, it's getting harder!

Okay, fine, actually we really love his grad program, so I feel the need to clarify. Each quarter is getting harder only because Sam, being the crazy kid that he is, decided to add a second masters degree onto his workload. So right now he's doing double classes and a double workload, all while trying to find a summer internship. Sam is so awesome. Sam is also so busy. Sam is also probably clinically insane at this point.

So Claire and I are back to sharing Sam with campus on Saturdays. It's actually not too bad though. Especially when he has a little break and we can come visit him, which is exactly what we did this weekend.

As it turns out, there are tons of really gorgeous spots on ASU campus. Sam rarely ventures beyond his graduate building, but as we walked around, we found lots of really beautiful new areas.

 ^^See that burn on the back of her leg? I helped her climb onto a plastic slide the other day and it totally burned her! It's only March! I didn't know plastic slides got too hot this early! Bad mom award over here.
 ^^I fell in love with rompers for Claire last summer, and I already have a collection for this summer too. Prepare yourself for the cuteness.
 ^^The library entrance. So pretty, right?

 ^^Who knew my bump would be such a great seat for Claire? ;)

 ^^This is right before the bottom of Claire's sandals left dirt all over Sam's shirt. OOPS.

Beautiful, right? Too bad Sam spends all his days cooped up in one building and one building only.

And then I slept for ten hours that night, because apparently walking around in the 95-degree heat for 45 minutes while carrying two babies inside me totally wipes me out. But hey, I felt amazing after those ten hours.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Claire's romper is from Old Navy, her sandals are Saltwaters (thank you Jessa for gifting them to us!), and my maternity shirt is also Old Navy.

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