Silver Lining: visiting our old city

March 11, 2016

visiting our old city

Is there anything better than going to visit family for a few days? Today I'm back in home sweet Arizona with the worst head cold I've had in years (pregnancy = not being able to take most cold and flu medicines = the worst!). But just a few days ago I was eating delicious homemade breakfasts every morning (that someone else made for me!) while Claire was entertained by a barrage of siblings who were so patient and helpful and fun.

One of the highlights of our little trip was going to the Provo City Center Temple. This place was beautiful. I remember performing here as a college student, and seeing so many of the original details and decorations preserved and remade into a house of service and eternity was incredible. I held back tears several times just walking through this gorgeous building.

These next pictures deserve its own section. Jason and Claire got to spend one whole day together! Claire was so ecstatic. The whole day it was, "Jason! Jason! Hi Jason!" as he pushed her on the swings and went down the big slide with her. We still miss Jason so much.

Can you get over all the love in these pictures?

The best part of our little visit was, of course, seeing friends and family. We crammed a few lunch dates and play dates and friend dates into our few days there. Spending time with people who really know you is just good for the soul, you know?

And one last picture, because clearly we need a selfie stick, but seeing these people makes me so happy:
Now we're back home and already counting down the days until we can visit again. And PS - anyone have any pregnancy-approved cold cures?I'll take all the help I can get!

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