April 6, 2016


 Last week at the grocery store, I got my first, "How much longer till you're due?" question from the cashier.

"About three more months!" I said. "Hopefully three and a half."

Her eyes almost popped out of her head. She could not believe I was this big and had so much longer to go. She didn't calm down until I had explained three times that I was having twins, so I was supposed to look pretty big pretty quick. She asked if I was sure there wasn't triplets, and I assured her that there were only two babies.

(I do have recurring stress dreams about going in for my next ultrasound and discovering a third baby in there, thanks for asking.)

But honestly, I feel the same way as the cashier some days. My 23-week bump is as large as my 35-week bump from my first pregnancy, and I truly do not know how these babies are going to keep getting bigger for three more months. Where will three more months of two babies fit? Will I even be able to walk by the end??

(Although my favorite reaction to date came from a single mom I was talking to a few weeks ago. I told her I was having twins, and she said, "Oh no!" She tried to recover with, "I mean, um, that's so exciting!" Ha! I feel ya, fellow mom.)
A quick break to comfort Claire, who saw a little piece of fuzz and decided it was highly terrifying. Oh to be an almost two-year-old. 

The temperatures here in Arizona haven't been too crazy yet (for the most part), so I'm loving being able to roll my pants and grab a light cardigan. I love a good basic maternity tee, and I have this bright pink top in white, black, and grey as well. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of these in the months to come.

I'm also linking up with my favorite Deidre for How We Wore It today. When I saw this inspiration picture from Chic Street Style, I immediately was drawn to the neon pink. I love how she paired it with more casual jeans and her favorite sunnies for a complete spring look.

See more of my favorites here, or sign up for next month here. Happy Wednesday!
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