Silver Lining: while Claire is still an only child

April 25, 2016

while Claire is still an only child

It's finally hitting me that Claire won't be my only child for much longer.

It's really been a bittersweet thing. We have such a good routine down, Claire and I. We have each other figured out, and I love spending my days with her. We can do bath time, grocery store time, and play time really well together. We know each other. I know what she wants, I know how she'll react in different situations, I know what each cute mispronounced word means (well, most of them anyway). I feel comfortable with her. 

So I guess, now that I finally feel I have this mom thing down, it's a good time to throw two brand new babies in the mix, right? ;)

I'm actually really excited to be in the newborn stage again. A newborn baby is a parent's next greatest discovery. A lot of trial and error is involved, but it's a special time when you get to discover your child's looks, personality, and preferences. You get to develop a new rhythm and see how that baby fits into your family. I'm terrified of twice the sleep deprivation with twins, but I'm excited to be in that brand-new discovery stage again, and this time I get to fall in love with two babies at once. 

But in these next few months, I want to focus on Claire. She'll always be my first child, but she won't be my only child for much longer. I want to remember all the darling things she says and does, and how much fun it is to spend our days together.

Claire is a wonder. She really is. Her little personality was just what our family needed, and she's been such a light to us these past two years. 

We love the way she talks nonstop (she's up to two- and three-word sentences all the time!). 

We love the way she rubs my baby bump and says hi to the babies in there.

We love the way she's terrified of garbage trucks and rolling the window down in the car. 

We love the way she says, "hi person!" to everyone she sees, and, "hi friend!" to anyone under the age of ten.

We love how seriously she takes her job of throwing away diapers.

We love the way she mispronounces words like stroller and towel and nursery and yellow.

We love her little up-and-down prancing run, and how quickly she can get down the sidewalk to the park.

Claire, we can't see how you'll amaze us in the years to come. We love you, little light.

This 30-second video describes what I've been feeling perfectly. I may or may not have watched it five times already. I love all the #LittleWonders moments. See more by connecting with JOHNSON’S® Baby on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you to JOHNSON’S® Baby for sponsoring this post, and for helping me appreciate all the small things Claire does that are truly #LittleWonders.

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