Silver Lining: a celebration (maternity pictures!)

April 28, 2016

a celebration (maternity pictures!)

One weird thing about a twin pregnancy is that the nurses measure your uterus at every appointment and tell you how many weeks you'd be if you were carrying only one child. So when I had my 22-week check up, they told me my uterus was 31 weeks big. Ha! Looking forward to my last appointment, when most twin moms have something ridiculous like a 46-week baby bump.

Either way, I knew it was time to take maternity pictures. Usually, maternity pictures are taken somewhere between 30-35 weeks pregnant, but with twins, I wanted to take them early and before it gets too hot here. My sweet friend Beverly took the pictures for me (check out her blog here!).

The best thing happened when she started snapping away. I stopped thinking about how hard this pregnancy has been. I stopped worrying about how big I looked. I stopped worrying about everything else in my life right now. It was just a celebration of my two sweet babies growing away.

And it was such a great feeling. I felt proud of my baby bump, and just let myself relax and celebrate these babes as the camera snapped away. It was such a lovely evening. Now I just have to hire her to come help me get into that relaxed, happy head space every night. ;)

^^I mentioned this on Instagram earlier in the week, but you know how pregnancy hair is notoriously awesome and thick and shiny? Turns out twin pregnancy hair is the best thing that's ever happened to this head of mine. I'm probably going to lose it all and be straight-up bald when the twins get here (postpartum hair loss gets me so badly!), but I'm loving my hair these days!
 ^^For this outfit, I wanted something casual, that I wear all the time. For me, this is my favorite fitted maternity tee, my trusty maternity jeans, some booties, and of course a kimono. I've been living in all the lightweight kimonos and cardigans I can find. They just do a great job of highlighting my baby bump while simultaneously covering up other bumps and lumps. ;)
In case you missed it, the first half of my maternity pictures (a more formal, lace + pearls ensemble) can be found here!

Photos by S W E E T  S N A P S  P H O T O G R A P H Y

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