Silver Lining: the best laid plans (exploring the Mesa temple)

May 2, 2016

the best laid plans (exploring the Mesa temple)

To say last week was crazy would be a huge understatement. The short version is that Sam locked down his dream internship a while ago, with a big reputable global company, and an unbeatable location and pay scale. But then this company, who shall remain nameless, called and cancelled their summer intern program just this week (WHO DOES THAT?!). So now it's the middle of finals week, and Sam has to start back at square one with an internship search. Add that to some crazy moving plans and some crazy summer travel plans, and things have been insane.

We're hoping it's one of those things you look back and laugh at. "Remember that time we were almost homeless? And we were about to have twins? And we had no idea where we'd be living or working in the next week? Hahaha! And look where we are now, sipping something expensive in our third home in the south of France! Life is crazy, am I right dahling?"

Or something like that.

So yesterday we took advantage of a free hour or two and strolled the temple grounds. The weather has been beyond gorgeous lately (only 80 degrees the first day in May!), and Claire was itching to get outside and run around. Photography is one of my favorite creative outlets, and sometimes you just need to forget about your problems and take pictures of flowers, you know?

 ^^It finally happened. We couldn't stop Claire fast enough and she touched a cactus. Eeep! Luckily she barely touched it and only had a few barbs stuck in one little finger.

^^She's actually saying "cock doodle doo!" in this picture. Ha! It's her new favorite phrase.

 ^^Such a beautiful temple. I love how unique the architecture is.

This morning, we still have all our same problems, but everything just seems a little more manageable and brighter. Let's do this, Monday!

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