Silver Lining: summer vibes

May 4, 2016

summer vibes

The other day, Claire was playing in the kids section of the library, and another mom there asked how old she was.

"Three," I said. Then, "Wait, what'd you ask? No. She's 18 months. No she's not. She's almost two. She's one. FINAL ANSWER she's almost two!"

Ha! You guys, I'm losing my mind. Just yesterday I couldn't get my mail key to work. I tried absolutely everything, and I was about to go to the main office to get a new key. Aaaaaand then I realized I was trying to open the wrong mailbox.

So basically life with me is one big brainless party! Come hang out. I'm a lot of fun these days. ;)

Today I'm joining Deidre for my favorite brainchild project: How We Wore It. The inspiration picture is from Elevate Everyday, and I absolutely loved the pale hues combined with the bright cobalt blue. So I went with my white shorts and blue top (one of only two non-maternity tops I can still wear these days).

The scallop hems are fun, and they dress up the top without any extra effort on my part. It's also lightweight and stretchy and great for the warm days ahead (no undershirt required is a huge bonus in this Arizona heat!).

Below, I included the original How We Wore It inspiration picture, as well as a list of everyone else interpreting the same outfit this month. These are some of my favorite ladies, so if you have a minute, check out their gorgeous ensembles. You can sign up for How We Wore It on Deidre's blog by clicking here.

Deidre at Deidre Emme
Emily at Emmy Jake
Brooke at Silver Lining
Suerra at Sierra's View
Justine at Little Dove
Kiana at Glitter & Donuts
Tayler at The Morrell Tale
Patricia at haifisch
Kelsi at Lovestrong
Emma at Ever Emma
Shelbie at R+S Brereton
Nellwyn at The Cardinal Press
Ruth at My Little Nest

Happy Wednesday, friends!
Where do you find your favorite lightweight summer tops?
After the twins come, I'll need some breezy, loose tees!

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