Silver Lining: adventures in house sitting

May 16, 2016

adventures in house sitting

I've been lucky enough to spend the past few weeks in Utah visiting family. Technically I'm babysitting and house sitting while our parents are traveling. But really, when the babysitter spends a lot of time sitting on the couch while her siblings make desserts and take care of Claire (and are generally independent and responsible to begin with), I feel like I'm the one being babysat! 
(Although between my third-trimester twin bump, 
making two meals for 7-8 people every day, 
driving siblings to their various activities, 
and just moving around in a home several times larger than my apartment, 
I still find myself absolutely exhausted at the end of each night.)

Here are a few snapshots from Mother's Day. These flowers are still going strong (minus a few dead lilies I pulled out this morning), and I'm dreaming of leftovers of this chocolate cake!

I also snapped some pictures when we went to a statue garden a few days ago. Claire has been in heaven with so many aunts and uncles who constantly want to play with her! 

 ^^Somebody get this girl to a real zoo ASAP!
 ^^Do you think she likes it here or what? ;)


^^We've been doing endless loops around the driveway on this scooter.

It's good for my soul to be here hanging out with my siblings one more time before our two babies come. And my pregnant self is loving a break from the crazy Arizona heat! Go ahead and stay a few extra days on vacation, parents. We don't mind a bit. :)

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