Silver Lining: third trimester twin bump

May 20, 2016

third trimester twin bump

We're officially into the third trimester for these twins over here. That means I have eight weeks or less until I get to meet these babies. Eight weeks! I can't tell if my pulse is spiking because I am so darn excited to meet them, or because I don't have a single essential baby item ready yet. Ha! I have my work cut out for me for the next two months, that's for sure.

When I get back home next week, the weekly ultrasounds and close monitoring and serious birth discussions with my doctor will begin. My babies are giving me a run for my money, and both of them had turned breech at my last ultrasound. Right now it's looking like I'm on track for a C-section. We'll see if they flip back around in the next few weeks or not!

This pregnancy continues to be about four or five times harder than my pregnancy with Claire. It's kind of funny actually. I was flipping through a pregnancy book the other day, and came across a list of common third-trimester symptoms. Literally I went down the list and I have every single symptom to a major degree. Swollen ankles, major waddling, exhaustion, hip pain, difficulty breathing - you name it, I've got it! I feel like I'm about 40 weeks pregnant, and technically, I'm measuring 40 weeks pregnant (if I were carrying one baby), so I guess it's no surprise!
My countdown maternity tee is c/o The Countdown Shop. It's my go-to look when I'm out and about these days - it's fun, it's super soft, and it's perfect to throw on with jeans and a sandals for a casual spring look. I love crossing off the weeks as I go, and taking pictures of each week, so I can look back and remember this pregnancy (and laugh at how big I was with these twins). You can find the tee here if you're interested! I just wanted to give a shout-out because I genuinely love this tee. :)
Happy weekend, friends!
And if you know someone who is pregnant,
this would make the perfect baby bump gift. :)

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