Silver Lining: downtime moments

May 9, 2016

downtime moments

I've had a few close friends call me out lately for not doing more of my modified bedrest. "Where are the pictures of you sitting down? In your pajamas? With your feet up?! Don't make me come down there and make you go to bed!"

I'll gladly keep up a steady stream of adventuring pictures if it means my friends will follow through on their threats and come visit! But I promise I spend my due time resting in bed, in my pajamas, with my feet up (usually). My husband is very persistent about making me follow the doctors' orders. In fact, he frequently tells me it's way easier to put our toddler to bed than it is to put me to bed. He's not wrong. ;)

Lately, you can find me wearing maternity leggings and a super loose and flowy tunic at almost any given time. Claire loves to play on the bed with me (don't you remember how your parents' bed seemed super gigantic and fun when you were little?), and we read about one million books per day. In fact, we make a lot of trips to the library these days, because I get so sick of reading the same books over and over.

I'm also starting to mentally prepare for the twins' arrival, and sometimes it's easy to think of only the hard parts of raising infants. You know, when they're teething and fuss all day and night. Or the sleep deprivation that is very very real. Or when all you want is a moment where nobody needs you for milk or comfort or anything.

But then I look back on pictures of Claire, and watch old videos of her, I realize that, while it will be hard, the amazing moments always outweigh the hard ones. The first time they smile at you, the first time they figure out how to do something with their tiny little body, when they cuddle up to you - those are the moments that make it all worth it. And I'm so darn excited that I get to do it with two babies at once.

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I'd love to hear your favorite moments that make motherhood all worth it.
Happy Monday, and happy scheduled resting. :)

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