Silver Lining: DIY glitter hair clips

May 11, 2016

DIY glitter hair clips

Right now I'm in the midst of cleaning and sorting and de-junking to prepare for our move in a few weeks. Or rather, I should be doing all of those things, but instead I'm one state away house sitting and baby sitting and not doing a single thing to prepare for our move. But hey, in theory, it's underway!

I came across these glitter hair clips as I was cleaning out a bathroom drawer last week. These were so fun to make and are still fun to wear. Here's how to make them! (The Average Girl's Guide got me started, and this tutorial was originally posted a few years ago on my blog.)

plain barettes
sand paper
mod podge
paint brushes
bottle of loose glitter, any colors

Here's how:
1. Sand down the tops of the clips until the glossy top layer is gone. This gives the clips more texture and grab.
2. Apply mod podge to the top of the clip with a paintbrush.
3. Sprinkle glitter on top, and gently tap off extra glitter. Let dry.
4. Mod podge and glitter the top of the clip again. Tap off extra glitter and let dry.
5. Apply one last sealing layer of mod podge. Done!

I made these with the young women in my ward a while ago, and it was super easy and fun for all ages. It's a perfect craft to do with your daughters, and I even want to make some in a smaller size for my toddler to wear. Don't you think they're bright and fun and great for summer?

Happy crafting!

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