Silver Lining: a girl and her hat (+ the best free leggings!)

June 2, 2016

a girl and her hat (+ the best free leggings!)

Last week, Claire discovered this hat in my closet, and she's barely taken it off since. Will she wear any of her own hats? No, of course not. She only likes my hat, and as self-proclaimed reigning sovereign of the Emery household, she has taken full possession of the hat. Occasionally I can sneak it away and wear it for a minute or two. But only occasionally! (Did anyone have any doubts as to who really runs this household?)

So naturally we took some pictures in the hat. She's also wearing her, "pretty shoes!" (as she says every time she puts them on) and her best "nursery dress" (although we wear it on lots of non-Sunday, non-nursery days as well).

^^Seriously, I can't get over this girl. She's so much fun these days. And check out that crazy hair!
^^I got the hat back! For one second...

Okay, now I have to say a word about this dress. You guys, I never thought I'd use the phrase "buttery soft" on here. Like, I swore off phrases like that.

BUT. Her dress is buttery soft. There's just no other way to put it! SO incredibly soft (and bright, and fun, and twirly, and the perfect fabric weight). I could go on and on. It's from THIS site, and let me tell you, the inventory Julianne has is amazing. I've been in her clothing room, and just walking around left me in awe of everything she has. I can't wait until this baby bump is gone, solely so I can wear those gorgeous Nicole dresses.

And good news! I have the easiest giveaway ever happening this week. All you have to do is click over to THIS Facebook group and join it, and next Friday Julianne will be drawing three people who have joined this week to win a pair of free leggings each! (You guessed it - they're buttery soft too, and so amazingly comfortable.) Literally all you have to do is join this Facebook page and the winners will be announced next Friday. Easy as that! 
A huge thank-you to Julianne for letting me rave about her clothes. I became a believer in about one second, and as you can tell, Claire sure loves to wear this dress with her favorite hat. :)

Happy Thursday!
Today we're off to an OB appointment and a trip to the library.
What about you?
Enter the easiest giveaway ever by joining the Facebook page HERE!

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