Silver Lining: easy ways to stay healthy during a hard pregnancy

June 7, 2016

easy ways to stay healthy during a hard pregnancy

With my first pregnancy, staying healthy was easy. I was up and about and exercising the entire pregnancy. It was easy for me to work full-time in a high-energy job, and eating healthy was easy too because I only had a few food aversions. Sometimes pregnancy is just easy, and staying healthy is easy.

But some pregnancies are much harder, which makes it more challenging to have a healthy ten months. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know these twins are really giving me a run for my money! I've had to totally redefine what "staying healthy" means the past few months, and find easy ways to make the most out of my tough pregnancy.

Today I wanted to share my favorite little tips and tricks that help keep me healthy during a tough pregnancy.

Drink all the water
I drink 100 ounces of water every single day. During my most nauseous days, I'd have to spread it out and drink only a sip at a time because large amounts of anything made me ill. But still, water is one of those magical things that helps your whole body (and your baby's whole body) function and feel better. Drinking water is easy to do, so it's a low investment, high reward situation.

*Now that it's 110-degrees here in Arizona, I've been drinking much more than 100 ounces per day! The ice machine in my freezer literally can't keep up with my demand. ;)

Go to your appointments
Prenatal appointments exist for a reason: to help you and your baby stay healthy during pregnancy. Prenatal visits will help your doctor/midwife catch any potentially harmful issues and discuss them with you. It's also really validating to hear that, even though things are hard, you're doing a great job growing your baby.

Get moving
Exercise is something I had to redefine with this twin pregnancy. I can't jog or go on long hikes or do free weights this time around. But still - I feel SO much better on the days I get moving! I've been doing prenatal yoga, swimming, walks around the neighborhood, and daily stretches (I have a set I do in the morning, a set I do in the evening, and a set I do when I'm super uncomfortable in the middle of the night). If there's a day I don't get moving, I always feel much worse. Find an activity in your ability zone and do it daily!

Take a good prenatal vitamin
Prenatal vitamins provide consistent balanced nutritional support, especially with crucial pregnancy nutrients such as iron and folic acid. I recently switched to New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins - available right down the street from me at Whole Foods. Perfect Prenatals include a carefully selected blend of organic herbs and fruits with targeted nutrients to support healthy pregnancy and fetal development.* My favorite feature? They're gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach (I needed these in my first trimester, when everything was taken on an empty stomach!).

Be proactive about your mental health
Going through a tough pregnancy can really affect your mind and soul. When you're home sick on your couch all the time, it's easy to feel disconnected, useless, and depressed. Get a friend to come sit on the couch and watch a show with you, or designate an understanding friend to be your official complaint box when you need to vent, or find a permanent babysitter so you can still go out regularly for me time and date nights. Find your people and utilize them!

My other piece of advice would be to eat as healthy as you can. However, given that I survived the terrible first trimester on a diet of 80% plain Cheerios (it's all I could stomach!), I didn't feel qualified to give advice about balanced diets. My doctor said you eat what you can to survive if you're super sick in the first trimester - and as long as you're taking a good prenatal vitamin as well, you'll be fine. And thank goodness I can eat a much larger healthy variety now!

What else would you add?
Tips and tricks to stay healthy during pregnancy?
I'd love to hear your advice!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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