Silver Lining: it's moving week!

June 9, 2016

it's moving week!

Just in case you're lying on the couch tonight, brainstorming something fun to do this weekend, here's something not to pick:

be super pregnant with twins
in the middle of a hot Arizona summer
with a sprained ankle
and an active toddler
packing up and moving your entire household.

I know it sounds like a non-stop thrill ride, but trust me. Don't do it. ;)

This Saturday is officially moving day, and you know how moving goes. Boxes everywhere, loads upon loads to be taken out, trying to figure out the last-minute details of the moving truck, calling up everyone who could possibly owe you a favor to come help on moving day, scheduling the Internet and the water and the mail to be transferred to your new address, etc etc etc. All the chaos, all the time!

It's been a crazy week (you can see the boxes piling higher each day in the background of my snaps lately over at brookejanette). And honestly, some days my pregnant self is absolutely useless. Luckily, today was a pretty good day. I managed to sort out the last of my messy craft corner, and I also felt well enough to run errands - and take Claire swimming to boot!

*Really though, if there's anyone who should be complaining, it would be Sam, who has done 100% of the heavy lifting and cleaning around here. But of course he's not complaining, because he is an exceptional human being.

It might be a little quiet and calm on this blog during the next few days. 
But rest assured, in real life it will be neither quiet nor calm. ;)
We're excited to check this last big thing off our list, 
and get moved in before our biggest adventure -
which will come in the form of two tiny human beings. :)

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