Silver Lining: an often overlooked baby shower gift

June 13, 2016

an often overlooked baby shower gift

Hello from our new place! Moving last weekend was the usual amount of crazy and hectic and super hot, but we were so lucky to get lots of help, so it went really smoothly and quickly. We had amazing volunteers who did lots of heavy lifting - and even dear friends who came and scrubbed my bathrooms and kitchen for me. We can't wait to get unpacked and make the space our own. I love thinking about decorating and how to maximize our space, so I'm excited for this week.

I also have two baby showers invitations for this week (although I can only make it to one of them). After years of trial and error, I finally found a gift that I consider my "standard" gift - I give it every time, and it's always a hit. What is it? A baby bath kit!

What's in my baby bath kit?

+ a cute bathrobe towel

+ a rubber ducky bath toy

+ a few stacking cups or a pouring bath toy (found in the baby bath aisle at Target)

+ Oh Joy! for Target Johnson’s® bath wash and baby lotion. I'm loving the playful colors, whimsical designs, and fun graphic prints. Seriously, how fun are the prints? Get them now exclusively at Target and until 7/22/16 or until sold out!

+ a few washcloths (parenting trick: lay a warm washcloth over your baby's tummy in the bath to keep them warm and happy)

+ a bin for easy bathroom storage

Why give a baby bath kit? Well, first of all, every baby takes baths, so my gift is always utilized. Secondly, it's useful no matter the personal style or preferences of the mother, which can be tricky to match when you're giving clothes or blankets. Third, it's fun and unique and easy to display (just tie a huge bow on your basket and consider it wrapped). Last, their baby won't outgrow this gift for a long time. We still use everything with my almost two-year-old.

Thank you to  Johnson’s® for sponsoring today's post! Check out the gorgeous Oh Joy! for Johnson’s® products here, or connect with Johnson's® on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
and Target on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter . But most importantly, go out and make yourself a baby bath kit for your next baby shower! Or maybe don't, so I can keep the good baby shower gift ideas all to myself. ;)

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