Silver Lining: Claire is two!

July 1, 2016

Claire is two!

Today my baby girl turns two!

At first, I thought I'd do a big sentimental post about how much Claire has changed our lives in the past two years. You know me - I can wax sentimental about a dead snail on the sidewalk, and cranking out a mushy gushy post would basically just be an extension of the conversations I have daily with my husband anyway.

And then I thought I'd go back through all the pictures of her, compile my favorites, and do a huge timeline about how much she's grown and my favorite things from each stage. (Wayyyyy too much work for this pregnant mama, but it would have been fun.)

And then, a few days ago, I was watching her double over with huge belly laughs as we tossed her little $3.49 pink Walmart ball back and forth, and I thought - you know what? Claire is such a joy. I want to capture that joy.

So that's what we did! Turns out, when you're two, all it takes is one pack of balloons and a fun daddy to have a balloon fight with you.

I've replayed her darling balloon giggles on yesterday's snapchat story a million times already. It's my favorite. (I'm @brookejanette.)

Happy birthday, squish! Thank you for bringing such spunk and love and laughter and light and JOY to our family. We're over the moon in love with you!

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