Silver Lining: the slow days

July 8, 2016

the slow days

One great thing about having twins is that your entire family takes turns coming to visit - even when you live in the middle of Arizona and you're due in the middle of the hot season. This past week, we've been loving visits from my brother Taylor and and my sister Meghan and her baby Henry. It's wonderful having people here making freezer meals, tuning up our cars, and helping us get out to do fun things while Sam's at work.
 ^^How cute is baby Henry??
^^Henry is very patient with Claire's public displays of affection. ;)

Our days are slow. Very slow. One trip to the library or swimming pool is a major excursion for my extremely pregnant body. Lots of times, Claire and I spend our afternoons escaping the heat by staying indoors, taking naps, building block towers, and reading the same books over and over and over again.

It would be monotonous, but knowing these are my last days before the babies come makes me more content with these slow days.

My babies have a scheduled eviction notice for the 19th of this month, and I finally stopped hoping they'll come early. In fact, I'm now convinced there's nothing I could do to make them come early, and I don't really want to anymore. I can deal with 11 more days of being very pregnant if it means my babies will be 11 days bigger and healthier. Anyone can do anything for 11 days, right?

So I guess this is my public record that sometimes the waiting game isn't bad after all. In fact, it's kind of nice. Bring on 11 more days of this before my life changes forever.
Also, we're so glad when daddy comes home.

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