Silver Lining: my different twins: him vs. her

September 22, 2016

my different twins: him vs. her

There's a widely held expectation that twins, even if they're not identical, will be very similar. I mean, they grew and developed at the same time in the womb, and their life experiences are incredibly similar when they're babies. I was convinced my twins would be very similar as newborns.

Oh how wrong I was. From day one my babies were incredibly different - in looks, in size, in personality. Now that they're two months old and starting to express tiny bits of their budding personalities, I feel like they grow more and more different every day. Here are some similarities and differences I want to remember at this stage:

him: big and chunky
her: tiny and light

him: no pacifier
her: all pacifier all the time

him: pretty bald
her: pretty bald

him: usually stressing
her: usually calm

him: wearing 6 month clothes
her: wearing 0-3 month clothes

him: loves bathtime
her: loves bathtime

him: yummy thigh rolls
her: skinny chicken legs

him: dimple smiles
her: wrinkled nose grins

him: olive skin
her: fair skin

 It's fun to see how unique and individualistic these twinners are. I sure love 'em. And it's a good thing too, because the sleep deprivation times two is no joke! ;)

Happy (almost) Friday!

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